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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Are Your Residents Damaging Your Langhorne Bathroom and Don’t Even Know It?

Langhorne Landlord Fixing a Sink in the BathroomIt is probable that your tenants are damaging the bathrooms in your single-family rental homes without even recognizing it. Even admirable tenants can unintentionally damage bathroom elements or fixtures. The main causes of accidental bathroom damage are normally a lack of regular maintenance or applying the wrong cleaning products. By working with tenants so that they understand how to care for the bathrooms on the property decently, Langhorne rental property owners can save themselves from a lot of overpriced renovations afterward.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are the keys to maintaining a bathroom in flawless shape. But there is no promise that a tenant will appreciate how to properly maintain and clean a bathroom and they may still unintentionally damage a bathroom’s fixtures and elements.

For instance, hard water (water with a high mineral content) is prevalent in multiple areas of the country. This classification of water can make mineral deposits accumulate in and throughout plumbing and fixtures, making rubber seals deteriorate, rust fittings, and leave behind an unattractive ring in tubs, toilets, and sinks. Hard water can lead to leaky pipes, toilets, and faucets, and cause a shower to lose water pressure. If left unprocessed, it can also permanently stain bathroom surfaces, making them look grimy.

Regular maintenance is pivotal in preventing a little rust or hard water deposit from becoming a huge hindrance. In the shower, just wiping the shower head and the faucet on a regular basis with vinegar can make sure that they operate suitably and that the water pressure stays consistent. But most household cleaning products will not remove hard water buildup, and neither will abrasive sponges or scrub brushes. To clean fixtures without damaging them, tenants need to know the right approach to accomplish it or they may mistakenly cause more damage than good.

Other elements of a bathroom that often sustain accidental damage are cabinets and floors. Since they are usually near or have direct contact to a lot of water sources, water damage in a bathroom is always a concern. A small leak under a bathroom cabinet or a dripping faucet may not sound like a primary issue to a tenant, but even small leaks are critical warning signs that something has gone defective with the plumbing and should be dealt with directly. Otherwise, the moisture from the leak could lead to damaged cabinets and, if ignored long enough, damage to the flooring or even the subfloor beneath the bathroom’s tile or laminate.

Using the wrong cleaning products on cabinets and floors is another source of unintentional damage. Many tenants want their rental home immaculate and in perfect condition, but they may use harsh chemicals or other cleaning products that end up stripping the varnish off a wooden cabinet or compromising the seal on a tile floor. Exposed wood and grout are far more susceptible to mold and other moisture-related problems, and can quickly become not just ugly to look at but also a health hazard.

It’s pivotal for property owners to make certain that their tenants have an excellent appreciation of proper bathroom maintenance and cleaning. But communicating this information to them and then working with them to see that the directions are being attained can be time wasting and risky for the landlord-tenant relationship. This is why having an expert educate tenants about property maintenance is one of the leading approaches to preserve good tenant relations. At Real Property Management Prosperity, we can make sure that the information tenants need gets to them and that the tenants are handled the way that property owners want. This will ensure that each rental home is kept at its best condition. Contact us online or call our office at 267-433-4200 and see how we can help make your rental property ventures go smoothly and profitably.

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