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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Dream Projects with Purpose: Why the Kitchen in Your Levittown Rental Property Isn’t Worth It

A Newly Landscaped Backyard in a Levittown Rental PropertyYour Levittown rental property’s backyard is a significant piece of its general appeal. However, there is a major contrast difference between creating your dream backyard and building an appealing and functional backyard. One will be helpful if you want to maximize your rental rates and increase your property’s value, while the other likely won’t do either. Rather than installing the yard of your dreams in a rental property, the better option is to create an attractive, low-maintenance yard that looks great to tenants and is also easy for them to maintain.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a rental property owner is to overdo it on the landscaping. Industry experts recommend spending no more than 10 percent of the property’s value in landscaping. Be that as it may, except if there is an unmistakable advantage to doing so, you probably don’t even have to go even that high. A home with an extensively landscaped yard won’t get as much extra rent as you may imagine. In fact, overdoing it on the landscaping can actually turn potential tenants away because of all the extra maintenance required.

To keep your property attractive and profitable, aim for backyard upgrades that offer the highest returns for the cost. The first step to an attractive backyard isn’t really an upgrade by any stretch. Rather, center around improving the quality of what’s already there. A green, neatly trimmed lawn and well-cared for greenery will add instant appeal and help boost the value of your property. If your property’s lawn is looking a bit sparse or bare, reseeding or adding some sod is one of the fastest approaches to get your property’s backyard living up to expectations.

Other relatively affordable backyard upgrades include outdoor lighting and outdoor gathering spaces. Rather than creating lavish planter beds filled with flowers, upgrade your rental’s yard with features that could be utilized by your tenant for social occasions or evening activities. Adding a simple patio (or deck) may seem like a luxury upgrade; however, you may create more appeal by offering a rental home with a ready-made space for gathering with family and friends. In addition, research has shown that not at all like other backyard features, a patio or deck does increase property values, making it one expense to consider for your rental property truly.

Outdoor lighting is one of the most budget-friendly backyard upgrades you can incorporate that has benefits past simple appearance. Renters will like the added security and handiness of backyard lightings such as motion-sensing or energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting will also complement any outdoor gathering spaces your rental property has, adding to the home’s curb appeal after dark.

Regardless of which improvements you eventually decide on to make to your Levittown rental property’s backyard, knowing which ones will offer the highest return for your money is an essential part of managing a successful rental house. By concentrating on quality features with a low-maintenance design, you can attract the type of renters you want while still growing your property values.

At Real Property Management Prosperity, we can help you plan a backyard for your rental property that tenants will love and, at the same time, one that is intended to get the maximum value for every dollar spent. We know which backyard improvements correspond to solid rent increases, and can lead your property preparations to ensure you’ve created a backyard with your tenants in mind. Contact us or call us at 267-433-4200 for more information.

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